Arabian Restaurant

Family restaurant

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About US

Our Story

Back in 1994, My father - Mr. Zackriya Sait, started a biriyani food stall in Nellithurai Road, Mettupalayam.

We started receiving bulk takeaway orders and soon after that, we began undertaking large outdoor catering orders too.

After I finished my course in hotel management & armed with a strong background in the catering business, I started Arabian Restaurant in 2007.

With a high degree of commitment and quality, we at Arabian Restaurant want to create new culinary experiences for ourselves and those who enjoy our dishes. For us, it’s not just our work. It’s what we love to do. 

The Arabian Experience

Arabian Restaurant is a perfect place in town to taste the best Arabic & Tandoor foods, established as one of the most popular entrants into the string which serves Middle-East food along with Indian and Chinese.

Our passion for food has brought many new, fun & delicious dishes to the table.


We were the first to bring authentic Arabian Shawarma to Mettupalayam. 


Our traditional biriyani remains a culinary favourite even today.


Our roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor.